5 Best Cheap Steel Tip Darts Under 50$ In November 2022

It is widely recognized that darts is a popular game. Beginners can easily play, so it is very enjoyable.

There are a variety of things to keep in mind when you’re purchasing darts. Some of the most important things you’ll need to consider include the material that’s used to make the dart tips, how much weight they have, and how accurate you think the darts will be when you play them.

The best steel-tip dart is designed to last a lifetime and is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to throw darts. Before you go buy a set of darts, you need to make sure you do some research to find the best quality steel tip darts.

You want to make sure that the darts you select are of the proper type and weight. How they’re constructed is also important to watch. You want to make sure that the darts you select have the correct barrel and shaft, and that these parts work together to determine how well the darts fly. We have listed the best cheap steel tip darts under 50 dollars.

Let’s get dig into it.

5 Best Cheap Steel Tip Darts Under 50$

If you’re looking for cheap steel tip darts, we’ve found some great options below $50. Many of these darts come in a variety of colors and designs, making them perfect for a variety of games.

CUESOUL Professional Tungsten Steel Tip Darts – Most Durable Shaft

If you’re looking for a great set of darts for beginners and advanced dart players, the CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts are an ideal choice. The most noticeable feature of these darts is the 95% tungsten barrel.

These darts are extremely durable. The shaft is durable too, and this helps to boost the overall strength of these darts. They are made from anodized aluminum.

CUESOUL Professional Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

The aluminum shaft provides maximum strength and durability. Therefore, you won’t experience any of the issues such as bending or breaking of the shaft over time. You’ll also find these to be one of the most customizable sets of darts.

You should also check out the set, as it offers a range of different shafts and flights. In regards to the grip, these barrels are specially designed with an improved grip in mind. You’ll notice the grips have been knurled (see right), which helps dramatically improve the grip. This makes for a much better throw.

Why is it special?
  • Grips are great
  • Check-circle includes a case and extra flights
  • 90% tungsten check-circle
  • Quality at a low price
What are the flaws?
  • Darts can’t compete with more expensive darts
  • Barrels may need to be adjusted before use

Fat Cat Bulletz Steel Tip Darts – Easiest to Grip

If you want to learn the basics, you need to have a set of high-quality, aerodynamic darts. The Fat Cat Bulletz Steel Tip Darts are designed to do just that.The barrel is a combination of Tungsten and Nylon material. Tungsten is the best material for dart barrels, while nylon provides a more stable shaft.

Fat Cat Bulletz Steel Tip Darts

This dart set has a very slim-profile and hard-shell carrying case. The case helps to organize and keep your darts free from damage.The most versatile and highest quality set of darts in the market. A must-have for any darts enthusiast.

Why is it special?
  • A great training tool for improving accuracy.
  • Suitable for all skill levels.
  • A good grip for anyone to use.
What are the flaws?
  • Loose flights

CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts- Best Steel Tip Darts for Professionals

CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts are the best darts to buy. This set of darts is perfect for those on a budget, so it would be a good choice for you!

This set comes with a combination of tungsten and aluminum barrels. Tungsten does not make up any part of the barrels. All barrels come in one piece and have an easy assembly with no special tools needed.

This combo of darts is lightweight but a bit flimsy. If you’re used to using heavier sets of darts, they will be difficult to adjust and get used to. Nevertheless, after using them for a couple of days, you’ll be comfortable handling them.

CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts

We found that the CC-Exquisite Steel Tip Darts was a great option for those on a budget. The CC-Exquisite Steel Tip Darts set would be a good choice for those looking to save some money without compromising on quality when buying their next set of darts.

This set includes five interchangeable barrels with one length of 18″ and four lengths of 22″. You can customize these to suit your preferences, as each one of them can be altered. None of them are manufactured using tungsten, which means they’re not made out of metal.

Nevertheless, after using these darts for a few days, you’ll be able to handle them more comfortably. They’re cheap, easy to handle, lightweight, and the barrel is made from brass.

Why is it special?
  • Affordable
  • Simple to handle
  • Quite light
What are the flaws?
  • Brass barrel

Centaur Steel Tip Darts (6 Pack) – Budget Pick

The best darts currently available are the Centaur Steel Tip Darts. They come in a pack of six and are highly referred to as one of the best steel tip darts currently available. These darts have a high-quality nickel-plated steel barrel which provides excellent balance and beautiful styling.

It features a high-quality stainless steel barrel which provides the exceptional control and stunning style that you expect. It’s made from 2BA aluminum rather than PVC, increasing durability and adding weight, and improving the feel and control.

Centaur Steel Tip Darts (6 Pack)

The perfect darts for someone looking to improve their skills. The 6-Dart Set is ideal for any player, from beginners to experts. These darts reduce drag, have improved accuracy, and are made with exceptional balance and handling.

Why is it special?
  • Eliminates drag
  • Accuracy improved
  • Balance and handling are exceptional
  • Intuitive design
What are the flaws?
  • Heavier than other options

Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts – Best Steel Tip Darts for Beginners

If you’re looking for a complete dart set, this is a great choice. The set comes with a case that will hold all the darts with ease, and it also comes with a sharpener, making it a great value for the dart player.

They’re heavy. They have excellent thick barrels. They come in different lengths and weights. Some of them are even a little bigger. This is a perfect setting for more than one player. There are plenty of darts to go around, and the only problem is that they are somewhat difficult to assemble.

Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts

You must have everything set up perfectly to use these darts. Getting the flights into place can be tricky, but once they are located, they should stay where they are. What’s so great about this set? It has lots of darts. The set comes with a sharpener and a case. The brass barrel is difficult to assemble.

The best darts for home games are those made by Fidelity, but for general use, try the wooden darts. They’re budget-friendly. You’ll also get a complete dart set (sharpener included), which will take some assembly.

Why is it special?
  • An e-book is included to guide you
  • The set consists of 30 pieces
  • An affordable price
What are the flaws?
  • Shaft variation
  • Darts might lose their middle part

Best Steel Tip Darts Buyers Guide

A great steel tip dart is the key to a great game of darts. There are a few things you need to be looking for in a steel tip dart. Let’s take a deeper look at the best steel tip darts buyers guide.


What is the primary purpose of this purchase? A good quality dart for darts games, darts competitions, or general recreational play? Is there a particular purpose in mind?

If you’re just a casual player looking for some decent darts that won’t break on impact, some solid steel darts could suit you.


Price is not a factor to all but it’s an important factor to some. Although we all want the best quality product for our purposes, sometimes we cannot afford it. Apart from listing the best steel tip darts for a certain purpose, I also list the most affordable option for a certain purpose or style of play.


Reputable brands are another good indicator of quality. Most sports/ventures have reputable brands within the sector that are well known by those within that realm.

It is possible to find reputable brands in the darts world, such as Harrods, Target, Viper, and so on. They are preferable because they have many reviews and a consensus about their products.

While you may not know all of the brands of darts that are worth purchasing, here are some of the top ones. They’re all good brands, they’re all reputable and they’re all really good quality.

Barrel Material

When deciding on the best steel tip darts for you, this is perhaps the most important factor. The material used for barrels is a good indicator of a variety of factors, including quality, durability, and price.

In general, the higher the percentage of tungsten a dart barrel has, for example, 95% tungsten, the better it is. Tungsten darts make you able to get the distance from which your darts will land and give you a better score when you are playing darts.

Darts are important for professionals and those with a passion for the sport. They are made of tungsten and will last for a lifetime. For more casual players, regular steel darts are available for a fair price. 

Dart Weight

A crucial factor to consider. Most steel tip dart competitions allow competitors to shoot with darts upwards of 50 grams. However, most people shoot with darts between 20 and 30 grams. A dart’s weight can affect its throw either positively or negatively.

The weight of a dart you prefer may dictate whether you purchase it or not. If you don’t know which weight you prefer, you may wish to get a dart that is either 24 grams or 26 grams.

Barrel Groove

Your barrel should be straight, not crooked. It shouldn’t be too long (if it is, the airflow through the shaft is compromised and your shots could go awry), and not so short that it’s hard to hold onto.

To choose the right grip, it’s important to know which grip is most comfortable for you, or the grip that works best for you. If you don’t know which grip is best for your hands, you can ask a professional.

Weight Distribution

Another vital factor to be aware of is the weight distribution of your darts. It’s simply referring to the center of gravity of your darts. They are divided into three groups: front, even, and back weighted.

This is important because darts are meant to be held in the center of gravity. Front weighted darts are held in front, back weighted darts are held in the back, and even weighted darts can be held wherever.

This is something that will decide whether or not you buy a product.

Dart Tip

The most important part of any dart game is the dart tip. You’ll be making this your first choice of dart tips when buying new darts, so make sure to get a good quality one. They are relatively simple to find, as long as you look online.

Dart Shaft

Dart Shafts are a replaceable/removable part of most steel tip darts. They come in different sizes and materials. Short and long shafts can be identified by their length. Due to their long length, long shafts can accommodate center-weighted darts.

Short-shaft darts are used because they keep the center of gravity on the barrel. Material ranges from nylon, plastic, and aluminum, to carbon fiber. The cheaper nylon darts are less durable than carbon fiber, and the more expensive carbon-fiber darts are very durable.

Aluminum is a compromise between the two.

Dart Flights

The flights most darts use have a fixed shape and a single pattern that you can choose from. The shapes vary and there are different designs that you can choose from. Most darts come with the standard set that keeps your darts aloft on a standard parabolic flight path.

With many dart manufacturers now using thinner, flexible, low-friction flights, they tend to be much easier to throw for most people. They give a better flight than the regular ones.


Warranty information is another good thing to know when buying darts. There is a good chance that you will be able to return them if there is a problem since most dart buyers report some kind of issue with their set.

Lucky for you all the darts on this list come with 90 days to a lifetime warranty. 


Steel tip darts have advanced over the years with many different options available. In each review, we cover the best features of each set of darts, which should help you choose the best darts for improving your game.

The darts reviewed range in price from $1 to $50 to prove you don’t have to pay the highest price to find the best darts.

Did you find the dart of your choice? If so, which one was it? Many of these darts can also be customized based on our needs. For this reason, the ranking may not be to everyone’s taste.

Ultimately, the dart that is most suitable for us depends on what we prefer and what we need. 

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