5 Best Professional Steel Tip Darts in Otober 2022

Would you like to play darts like a professional? Putting together a dart kit that includes a set of steel tip darts is a good first step. Most of today’s professionals will already have a set of steel tip darts.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right set of darts for your unique needs. We’re here to help you out. In this guide, I will give you some tips on selecting the right darts.

Darts of professional players are worth taking note of. They’ve spent a lot of time researching and perfecting their exact properties, so much so, that you can use them.

The 5 Best Professional Steel tip darts. Perhaps you’ve just purchased a dartboard for your home or multiple dartboards for a bar, and now you’re ready to invest in a quality set of darts.

This is the right place to find out the best darts. In our guide, you will find a comparison of all of the top darts, detailed product descriptions, and a helpful buyer’s guide.

You don’t need to worry too much about choosing the right dart set. Whether you select our Editor’s Choice product or something else on the list, you can rest assured that it’s one of the best.

Why you should choose steel tip dart?

They have a metal point and are useful for throwing at bristle dartboards. The number of people who prefer steel tip darts over soft tip darts has increased over the last few years.

This is classic and brings a vintage feel to the game of darts. If you’d like to follow tradition, then steel tip darts are worthy consideration. They are a good choice for tournament play. With reduced bounce-outs, they are an excellent choice for competitive play. As such, professional players prefer them over soft-tip darts. There are various benefits of playing your favorite game of darts with steel tip darts.

Darts are a great pastime that everyone can enjoy. Whether you play for fun, to stay in shape, or compete in tournaments, the Dart Sports website has the information and equipment you need to get started.

Steel tips are stronger than regular tips and are less likely to break or bend. They were also less expensive. The choice of steel tip darts will also depend on your intention.

Tournament darts can be a blast, but it would be better to pick lighter plastic or rubber-tipped darts. However, for casual play, these lightweight darts aren’t ideal. They are easy to knock over and damage the walls if they miss.

Kids shouldn’t play with steel tip darts because they’re a hazard. The sharp tips can cause injuries.

5 Best professional steel tip darts

The best darts players in history are not necessarily the top-ranked players of the day. The guys who can outdo the best today often become legends. 

Read through this list of legends and discover the skills that helped them dominate the sport.

Professional PlayerDarts used
Peter WrightRED DRAGON Snakebite Rainbow Mamba darts
Gerwyn PriceRED DRAGON Gerwyn Price 24 Gram – Tungsten Steel Darts Set with Flights and Stems
Rob CrossPixel 90% Steel Tip Darts
Phil TaylorWorld model Target Darts – Power 9Five Generation 5 Steel Tip Darts 
Gary AndersonUnicorn 2019 Edition – Gary Anderson World Champion Soft Tip Darts

RED DRAGON Peter Wright Snakebite Rainbow Mamba

In the game of darts, you need the perfect darts to score well. When you are shopping for your new set of darts we would suggest you use these darts because they will get the job done. Red Dragon has been making darts since 1984 and they have been the number 1 choice for darts enthusiasts worldwide. This set is a great value and will get you started right with your game.

Peter Wright Snakebite Rainbow Mamba is a 90% premium quality tungsten dart with a unique bright rainbow finish.

RED DRAGON Peter Wright Snakebite Rainbow Mamba

Designed for power and performance, these Tungsten Darts are manufactured following world-class standards for maximum strength, durability, and precision.

 The Red Dragon tungsten dart set is designed and engineered using our unique multi-milled tri-directional technology. The unique flight shape allows the dart to penetrate and stop the heart more effectively than the conventional round cross-section.

RED DRAGON Gerwyn Price 24 Gram – Tungsten Steel Darts Set with Flights and Stems

The RED DRAGON Gerwyn Price darts are designed to be a premium set of darts for competition or fun play. The darts are precision made and crafted using high-quality tungsten steel to produce an extremely hardpoint. These are very light and balanced darts with an excellent balance that gives the player a greater ability to get a more accurate throw.

These shafts are for the serious players who demand the best performance. They have 90% tungsten content, which makes them perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of throwing darts and advanced players who want to fly their game even further.

RED DRAGON Gerwyn Price 24 Gram – Tungsten Steel Darts Set with Flights and Stems

With a unique and stylish design, these high-quality tungsten darts are a pleasure to hold and shoot. They are constructed out of tungsten steel and are precision engineered to perform to the highest standards. Perfect for tournament use. 

Rob Cross Pixel 90% Steel Tip Darts

The 2018 World Champion in the Precision Darts discipline has introduced Rob Cross Black Pixel darts – endorsed by the 2018 World Champion himself. This dart is equipped with Target’s pixel grip design, which combines axial and radial precision milling to create a bidirectional grip.

These are perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their performance when playing pool. They’re easy to hold and offer a comfortable grip. The barrel is also coated in black titanium nitride for extra protection and durability.

Rob Cross Pixel 90% Steel Tip Darts

For those that enjoy the thrill of throwing darts but have been put off by the lack of control afforded by plastic-tipped darts, we are very proud to introduce the Pixel 90%. Rob Cross has endorsed these darts and his name and reputation are behind these top-quality darts.

World model Target Darts – Power 9Five Generation 5 Steel Tip Darts (Phil Taylor)

Taylor introduces his new World Model Target Darts with a Power 9Five Generation 5 Steel Tip Darts! Designed specifically for Taylor, these 95% tungsten darts are balanced and grip-optimized for stacking play.

Each barrel is cut with Trapezoidal Grip technology to provide outstanding levels of grip and feel. An aesthetically pleasing matte finish completes the look. The PVD titanium nitride coating is used for protection against wear and tear.

World model Target Darts – Power 9Five Generation 5 Steel Tip Darts

The best darts for a thrower are the new World Model Target Darts. They’re unique in that they’re rear weighted. They also have a sandblasted barrel.

Unicorn 2019 Edition – Gary Anderson World Champion Soft Tip Darts

 In this top-of-the-line set, you’ll find a custom-made version of the Unicorn world champion dart. This tungsten-made dart is made of 95 percent pure tungsten, making it the best and most accurate dart ever created.

The darts are made of natural tungsten, ensuring a smooth and accurate flight, and they come with a guaranteed weight of ±0.1g. The darts also come with the Icon Case, engraved Unicorn Hallmark, and Ultrafly Gary Anderson flights.

Unicorn 2019 Edition – Gary Anderson World Champion Soft Tip Darts

This iconic dart set is a must-have for any serious darts player. Its extreme weight accuracy and 4 different weights give you complete freedom and control of your game.

This is a perfect training tool to improve your grip. It’s an effective training tool that is guaranteed to improve your consistency. This is the ultimate training tool for your best game.

What Dart Shafts Do the Pros Use?

The most common type of dart shaft is medium-sized nylon or plastic. Some pros like to use lighter-weight aluminum. If you want to be a great darts player, try aluminum!

If you need to use o-rings or flights come off, you have to use thicker flights. However, if you want lightweight and don’t need to worry about the shaft coming off, nylon or plastic shafts work great.

What % Tungsten Do Professional Dart Players Use?

Most professional darts players use about 90% tungsten darts. It appears that this is the ideal combination of weight, strength, and durability.

What Flight Shape Do Professional Dart Players Use?

Most professional darts players use standard shape flights. They encourage a high landing angle on the dart.

What Weight of Darts Do Pro Players Prefer?

In general, most professional dart players use darts in the range of 21-24 g.

The heavier the dart, the more consistent it will fly when thrown properly. Generally, the heavier the dart the straighter it will fly.

Steel tip darts: what to consider before you buy them

Before deciding on the best steel tip dart that will go along with your dartboard, there are some things to keep in mind.

When purchasing a set of steel tip darts, it’s important to have a sense of what you prefer. This includes the type of dart that’s more comfortable to hold and use.


While the quality of steel tip darts is important, price is even more crucial. If you’re looking for the best darts for practicing at home, the soft steel tips are what you’ll want.

Steel tips are used for professional play, so if you play for fun, use soft tips. They’re less expensive and lighter weight.

How many darts do you need?

Steel tip darts come in sets. For hobby play with family and friends, you’d want to get a lot for everyone. However, for professional practice, then you need three dart sets.

The Barrel material

The majority of dart barrels are made from metals such as brass, tungsten, nickel, and brass. Tungsten is the primary material for tournament dartboards and is considered to be superior to other materials. The steel tip you’ll need will have a high percentage of tungsten.

A hobby player needs to purchase a barrel made of brass because tungsten is more expensive.


The best weight for your dart depends on what type of darts you prefer. Darts generally weigh between 12 and 50 grams. The distribution of the weight on the dart should be well balanced so that after a throw, the dart will hold fast to the board.

As a beginner, you might want to look for heavier darts. They’re easier to throw.

Flight or wing design

How can I play a game of darts? Is it better to play with standard flights or with slim flights? standard flights are generally more stable, whereas slim flights are smaller and lighter.

Removable steel tips

Steel-tip darts with a detachable metal tip increase your options to change the tip. It depends on what kind of darts board you are throwing at.

You can always have an extra set of replacement tips.

Final Thoughts

Darts is a game of patience and focus. Good equipment will make a huge difference in your game. Good quality flights and shafts are essential for the best possible results.

Read this guide carefully before you commit to investing in this sport. We hope our recommendations will help you down the path to becoming a successful competitive dart player.

We ultimately must decide which dart suits our needs and preferences. We may have missed a few so please let us know in the comments below if we did.