What best weight darts do professional players use?

What are the best weight darts for professional players? There are a few different darts options out there, so it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. Some darts are made for better accuracy, while others are made for a higher velocity. Best Weight Darts can weigh between 12 to 50 grams. Most professional dart players use darts that are 22 grams in weight. Whenever a dart is thrown, the heavier it is, the straighter it will fly. The lighter the dart, the more parabolic its curve when thrown, and the higher the angle at which it hits the board. In this article, we will look at some of the best weight darts available for sale today. We will go over what makes each dart unique and how they compare to other darts on the market.

Read on to find out more about what the pros use and how you can find the perfect dart for your game! Best Weight Darts for Professional Players There are many different darts options available for people who want to improve their game. Different types of darts can be used for different purposes, such as recreational or competitive.

Some of these darts are designed for recreational play, while others are designed for competition. The best weight darts for professional players are those that provide maximum power and accuracy for your shots. If you’re looking for darts that are ideal for the average recreational player, then the Prodigy Dart is a great choice. This dart has a great balance of power and accuracy, making it an excellent choice for beginner players.

What best weight darts do professional players use?

Pro dart players dart weights

While darts players have the skills they need to be able to master this game, the darts they use must also perform well if they’re going to make the most of those skills. That means finding the right darts, and playing with them for a long time before they feel natural.

You’ll find that darts are much like golf in that many avid players have their preferred clubs. Just like golf, darts players use different clubs to suit their styles. But, there is one club, or rather, dart, that most players choose to use. Here is an interesting fact about that particular dart!

Weight is perhaps the most important feature that you can pay attention to when you’re buying a new set of darts. Once you have found the right balance, you’ll rarely, if ever, change it, as it may affect your technique.

Due to the weight, darts can be more or less difficult to hold. In some cases, it may be easier to throw lighter darts since they fly straighter and have less resistance. However, heavier darts are easier to grip and hold for a long time while throwing, making them ideal for competitive darts.

For a professional player who has trained a lot and had the opportunity to experiment with different types of darts, he or she should choose a heavier type of dart. 

Some of the best professional dart players are:

  • Michael van Gerwen
  • Gary Anderson
  • Phil Taylor
  • Raymond van Barneveld
  • Peter Wright 
  • James Wade
  • Eric Bristow 
  • Michael Smith
  • Dennis Priestley 
  • John Part
  • Mervyn King
  • Gerwyn Price

Now let’s take a closer look at what weight darts these professional players use.

What weight darts does Michael van Gerwen Use?

Professional darts player Michael van Gerwen is from the Netherlands. He is currently the number one ranked darts player in the world. He has won four world championships, three European Tour events, and three Players Championships.

Darts used by Michael Van Gerwen are 23-gram XQ Max darts. The pencil-thin dart has a long slender barrel and a smooth patch on the end.

The darts are designed for speed and accuracy. They are also a little heavier than other darts, making them more stable in the air. These darts have a unique flight pattern that is both fast and stable.

What weight darts does Gary Anderson Use?

Gary Anderson is a retired Scottish professional darts player who is currently a commentator and analyst for the Professional Darts Corporation. He has twice been a world champion, in 1995 and 2006.

Gary Anderson uses 24 gram Unicorn Phase 4 darts. They are pencil-thin darts with a razor cut groove running the length of the barrel.  

The 24 gram Unicorn Phase 4 darts have a unique design that makes them very accurate. They are also very thin darts, making them easy to throw.

What weight darts does Phil Taylor Use?

Phil Taylor is an English professional darts player. He reached the semi-finals of the World Darts Championship in 2017 and is the current world number one. 

Phil Taylor currently using 26-gram Target Legacy Darts. 

Taylor darts are designed with a thick front-loaded barrel that can almost be considered stubby. In the middle of the barrel, there are standard ringed grooves.

Taylor darts also have a unique weight distribution system. This is designed to improve flight and consistency. The weight is distributed between the front and back halves of the dart. Taylor darts weigh about 26 grams, which is slightly less than an average dart, and are often used for tournament play. The weight distribution gives a greater chance of getting a good throw with the dart, even if the first shot doesn’t go well.

What weight darts does Raymond van Barneveld Use?

Raymond van Barneveld (born 6 March 1966) is a former Dutch professional darts player, who played in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) from 1990 to 2009. He reached the semi-final of the World Championship five times and was runner-up twice.

Raymond van Barneveld uses 25g Target RVB Prototype darts.

The prototype RVB darts are made from a lightweight, durable material that is easy to grip. They have a small, sharp point that makes them ideal for precision strikes.

The RVB prototype darts are made out of a different material than normal darts and are designed to be more aerodynamic. They are also slightly smaller in size than regular darts, making them easier to throw.

What weight darts does Peter Wright  Use?

Peter Wright is a professional darts player who currently competes in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) tour. Wright made his PDC debut in 2006 and has since won six PDC titles, the most recent of which was in 2016.  

Peter Wright uses RED DRAGON 22g or 24g Tungsten Darts Set with Flights and Stems.

This set includes: – 2 x 22g or 24g Tungsten darts – 2 x flights – 2 x stems The Tungsten darts are a great choice for those who are looking for a heavier dart. The flights and stems are also a great addition to the set.

What weight darts does James Wade Use?

James Wade is a professional darts player who competes in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) tournaments. He has won four PDC titles, including the 2016 World Darts Championship.

James Wade currently using 20 gram Unicorn Purist darts.   

The Unicorn Purist darts are perfect for anyone who is looking for high-quality darts that are precision-made. Each dart is made of high-quality aluminum and is designed to ensure that every throw is accurate.

They are a standard pencil barrel that has evenly spaced grooves that get closer towards the back.

What weight darts does Eric Bristow Use?

Eric Bristow is a professional darts player from England. He has won several world titles, including the PDC World Championship in 2009 and the World Darts Championship in 2007 and 2011. Bristow is also a three-time world champion in pairs darts, with Phil Taylor and Peter Wright.

Eric Bristow uses 24 grams steel tip darts.

These darts are designed with a sharp point and a thin, lightweight shaft. They are great for quickly hitting your target, and they are perfect for use in close quarters.

These darts are made from high-quality steel and are perfect for target practice or playing darts in a pub or bar.

What weight darts does Michael Smith Use?

Michael Smith is a professional darts player who competes in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) World Darts Championship. He reached the second round of the World Darts Championship in 2013 and the semi-finals in 2014.

Micheal Smith currently using 24 gram Unicorn Maestro Silver darts. 

Usually shaped like pencils, these darts have deep grooves in the middle and rings around the outside.

 The Unicorn Maestro Silver dart is a high-quality dart designed for both recreational and competitive use. The dart is made of silver and has a matte finish that makes it look sleek and sophisticated.

What weight darts does Dennis Priestley Use?

Dennis Priestley is a darts player who has won several darts tournaments, including the World Darts Championship. He is also a former world number one champion. He represented Great Britain in the World Darts Championship. 

Dennis Priestley uses 24 g 90% tungsten alloy darts. 

The most common type of darts is made of tungsten alloy. Tungsten is a very strong metal, so darts made of this material are incredibly durable. Additionally, tungsten alloy darts are quite expensive, so they’re not typically used in competitive darts games.

 What weight darts does John Part Use?

John Part is a former professional darts player from Canada. He has competed in several major darts tournaments, including the 2005 World Darts Championship, where he reached the semi-finals. John Part competed in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) World Darts Championship from 2005 to 2017.

John Part uses 23g Loxley Darts.

Loxley Darts is a brand of darts made from high-quality stainless steel. They are known for their accuracy and lightweight design.

The 23g Loxley darts are perfect for target practice. They are made from tough, durable materials that will hold up under repeated use. The 23g Loxley darts are medium-weight darts and are designed for distance shooting. They have a small diameter and are ideal for use in tight spaces. 

What weight darts does Mervyn King Use?

Mervyn King is a professional darts player who has competed in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) World Darts Championship since the inaugural event in 1991. He has also competed in the World Darts Championship, where he has reached the semi-finals on several occasions. 

Mervyn King uses 22g, 24, or 26 grams 90% Tungsten Steel tip darts.

This dart is made of tungsten steel with a pointy tip. It is used for darts games like darts, bullseye, and others.

Darts with a Tungsten Steel tip are considered to be the most accurate. These darts are great for practicing your accuracy and your throwing technique. This makes them ideal for use in high-impact games, such as darts tournaments.

What weight darts does Gerwyn Price Use?

The professional darts player Gerwyn Price is from Wales. Gerwyn Price is currently ranked number one in the world. He began playing darts at the age of 10 and quickly became one of the best players in the world. In 2003, he won the World Professional Darts Championship, becoming the first player from Wales to win a major darts championship.

Gerwyn Price currently using his own 24 gram Red Dragon Darts. 

The darts are standard pencil-thin, and they have shark fin grooves every 5mm or so. For a better grip, there is a version with diamond grains embedded in the barrel.  

The Red Dragon darts are perfect for anyone who loves darts. They are made with high-quality materials and are designed to provide users with a great experience. The darts are easy to use and provide users with an accurate shooting experience.


Professional dart players use the best weight darts for their game. These darts are designed to be accurate and provide the player with a winning advantage.

It’s a personal preference of course, but you should always start with something that you know how to do. Then, as you get better, you can move up in complexity to something more challenging.

You can’t go wrong with any of the above options as they all have a proven record of performance. If you have any further queries please tell us below in the comment section!