Can You Use Steel Tip Darts On Electronic Dartboard

Steel tip darts are recommended for those electronic dartboards only that have bristle tech surfaces because, for other electronic dartboards, they can pierce the sensors that control the electronic dartboard.

Electronic dartboards cannot be operated with steel-tipped darts as they can pierce the sensor.  On electronic dartboards with Bristle Tech surfaces, steel tip darts can only be used. A good alternative to steel tips is soft tip darts which can be conveniently used with an electronic dartboard.

All of the electronic dartboards in the world are Bristle Tech and can accommodate the use of steel-tipped darts. Bristle Tech is the only type of dartboard that can be used with steel-tipped darts.

Can You Use Steel Tip Darts On Electronic Dartboard

Darts are used to shoot at a target to score points. Darts with steel tips typically consist of hardened steel and a tip of some type. They are used to hit targets on electronic dartboards.

Some electronic dartboards have a light sensor that detects when a dart hits the board. The dart’s flight path is then calculated based on how far the dart has traveled on the board. The number of points scored depends on the type of electronic dartboard. I would like to know if you can use steel tip darts on an electronic dartboard? Let’s get jump into it!

Can You Use Steel Tip Darts On Electronic DartBoard?

If you’re wondering if you can use steel tip darts on an electronic dartboard, we’ll tell you why.

When it comes to the selection of dartboard and darts to pair the dartboard with a bristle tech surface is the preferred choice.

Darts are not only fun but a useful tool to hone your skills at throwing the game in all sorts of ways. You only need to know the type of darts that would complement your darts board the best and choose the right types of darts.

Darts with steel tips can’t be used on an electric dartboard, because the steel darts would damage the plastic-based dartboard. Electronic dartboards are made of plastic and have many ready-made holes, which would be useless if the darts were made of metal.

In darts there are usually several choices, but choosing the right darts for your dartboard is as important as choosing the correct shoe size for your foot.

Buying darts whose tips are incompatible with your dartboard is a waste. To buy darts that will work well with your dartboard, you must know what kind of darts work well with your dartboard.

Steel Tips on an Electronic Dartboard? A Big No!

The changes seen in the last few decades in the darting world caused the classic game of darts to change as well.

Some people may wonder about the million-dollar question of whether traditional steel-tipped darts can be used for electrical dartboards. Electrical dart boards use plastic surfaces, so it’s no surprise they don’t stand a chance if steel dart tips are thrown at them.

These electronic dartboards have features like score tracking, timers, and other advanced features that allow more players to play at once. They are battery-powered, therefore, contain numerous circuits.

When you look at the features on electric dartboards, you will see that several things are going on behind the scenes. These features make them very costly to repair and maintain, therefore, if you have an old electrical dartboard, you might want to consider getting an electric dartboard.

The best darts for home dartboards are soft-tipped darts, with no points attached. They work well on the new bristle dartboards. You can also make your darts with soft tips.

In addition to the darts’ tips, darts can also get stuck on the surface of your dartboard because of their round tips. You might try using soft-tip darts instead.

How Are Soft Tipped Darts Different From Steel Tip Darts?

Steel tipped darts are heavier and stick better than soft tip darts.

The fact that the tip of the dart is made of steel and not plastic would ensure that you’ll need to replace it less frequently. Steel is more durable, and can also withstand the impacts of the dart striking the target. However, a plastic tip dart may break more often, and a replacement might be required more often.

Steel tip darts are a safe choice for darts players as they are less likely to injure people nearby and damage walls. However, they do not offer a very consistent feeling when thrown and their performance deteriorates significantly after repeated use. People with children or pets around will prefer soft tip darts to avoid injury.

One should also look into the difference between a steel tip dart and a soft tip dart. Steel tip darts are more expensive than their soft tip counterparts but it’s not worth the hassle.

Steel or Soft tip darts – What’s the difference? When it comes to buying your first darts, you may start coming across a lot of jargon. Darts terminology is common to most players, especially those with some experience. But some terms might be causing some confusion. Flights, barrels, knurls, and maybe even a few more.

Which term describes the tip of a dart? In darts, “soft tip” means the tip of the dart is made of softer material, such as rubber, and “steel tip” refers to the harder material, such as wood, lead, and sometimes gold.

Traditional darts come with a hard tip and are usually made of metal. These darts are typically thrown by professionals at dartboards. They can be sharp, so please wear a good pair of gloves when playing. Darts with soft tips are better for beginners.

The soft tip darts, on the other hand, have flexible plastic tips and are thrown at a board that has holes in it. These holes hold the dart point onto it when it is thrown. They are commonly used on electronic dartboards, which automatically score.

On electronic dartboards with Bristle Tech surfaces, steel tip darts can only be used. Steel tip darts are used in electronic dartboards, but if the board is set to “auto-run” it must be equipped with Bristle Tech. Soft tip darts have a more lightweight feel than steel tip darts, and their balance has been weighted differently from that of the steel tip variety. Darts with soft tips tend to be lighter than steel tips, with the balance weighted differently than steel tips.

Stainless-steel tips and electronic darts are interchangeable on convertible darts. Purchase a set of soft tips and convert them to a steel tip – the best of both worlds! 

Can you switch from soft tip to steel tip darts? Darts with steel tips are sometimes sold separately from soft tips and vice versa. Weight is also an important factor. The steel tip Version of a dart maybe 23 grams while the soft tip version is 18 grams – so if you regularly switch between the two, you will have to adjust how you throw it. To even out the weight difference, you may want to try a heavier soft tip dart with steel conversion points.

Darts (Steel and Soft Tips) – Things to consider when choosing them

There are many options out there when it comes to darts. They range from options in weight, removable parts, and material. You might also want to consider weight when it comes to choosing darts.

Beginner’s darts come with different tips, weights, and shafts. Some are designed for lighter throwing, while others are better suited for heavier throws. This allows for ‘fine-tuning’ of your throw, and will also help you determine what kind of darts are best for you.

Professional dart players often use darts made up of a variety of materials including tungsten, copper, nickel-silver, and brass.

The choice of darts depends on what level of player you are, and how much money you’re willing to spend. More serious players will want to buy darts that have a nice balance between quality and price.

Why is there a difference in throw lines between soft & steel tips?

Steel Tip Darts are the preferred choice of serious players because they feel more solid, fly straighter, and have a longer flight. However, they are also heavier and thicker than the soft tip darts.

Soft tip darts have a much higher degree of accuracy and therefore are best for players with good coordination and throwing ability.

There is a difference between soft and steel tip darts. Steel tips are made of harder material and can provide more power and accuracy but they may break more easily and are heavier. steel tip darts are good for beginners because they are easier to throw and they will not fly as far.


Darts have always been immensely popular across different age groups. We can see how people have different requirements that influence their choices of darts and dartboards. In terms of style, serious dart players would prefer bristle boards and steel tip darts, while casual players would prefer electronic dart boards and soft tip darts, which are safer and easier to use.

You must always take the time to care for the darts that make up your game equipment and if the darts are not properly cared for, they will quickly become old and worn out. 

Here is an excellent resource for all dart enthusiasts and beginners. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the ideal pairings of darts and dartboards to help create a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for you and your friends!