How to Sharpen Steel Tip Darts at home Properly – 4 Best Ways

The Round Dart Sharpener is used to sharpen the tips of the steel darts, while the Sandpaper can be used to Sharp the dart’s points to make them harder and stronger.

Steel Tip Darts are the most popular darts in the world. You can sharpen them with sandpaper. Just take your sandpaper and rub the edge of the dart to get a smooth and sharp point.

A sharp dart is a necessity. Without it, you’ll be lucky if your target’s skin isn’t pierced by a blunt dart. I’ve found that if the darts are too dull, they tend to skip when thrown. That means less penetration and no-kill. When you sharpen your darts, you want to make sure that the point is sharpened to the proper angle. Generally, you want to sharpen your darts so that the point is at a 30-degree angle to the shaft.

Dart tips are the core components of darts and they are used to determine the distance of a dart throw. The sharpness of the tip of the dart determines the accuracy of the dart throw. Sharp darts are very important in darts and they can make a huge difference in a match.

You’ve tried sharpening your steel tip darts and have only achieved bad results. In this post, we’ll show you the proper way to sharpen your steel tip darts so you get the best results with your darts.  

How To Sharpen Your Darts Properly

You need to take care of your dart tips. Tips that are ignored are probably responsible for a lot of bad streaks and disappointing performances.  

If you think that only professional dart players sharpen their darts, you’re wrong! You also need to sharpen the darts at the oche. However, if you’re wondering how sharp they need to be, just sharpen them until they feel smooth.

A dart is too sharp when it’s not a good shape, and it needs to be sharpened. The best way to sharpen your darts is to use a tool to reshape the tip into a pointed, rounded end.

You’ll want your dart to be as sharp as possible, free of burrs, and not be too blunt or too pointy. These tips will apply to all your darts. High-tungsten alloy darts require just as much care as the cheap brands.

If you’re using cheap darts, you may end up needing to sharpen them a lot. In the first place, sharp darts are easier to throw. In the second place, sharp darts are more accurate.

Sharpening Steel Tip Darts: A Quick Guide

Before we talk about sharpening steel tip darts, what’s the best condition for our darts? Is it true that the sharper the dart, the better?

You don’t need to sharpen your dart as many times as you would a knife, but you should still sharpen it as many times as you need to, even if that means several sessions over several weeks.

This is not the purpose of darts. Our goal with darts is to make a well-rounded point. Extremely sharp dart tips just like dull tips will wear your board out.

Round dart tips are needed, as darts do not usually stick to boards. However, round darts are much more aerodynamic, and can also be used for other types of shots.

Sharpening your steel tips is a really important step to getting the best performance out of your dart.

4 Best Ways To Sharpen Steel Tip Darts!

When you’re trying to find a way to sharpen your darts at home, there are a few things you need to consider. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there are several ways to sharpen steel tip darts. You don’t need a bunch of tools, just some patience, and the proper techniques. And it doesn’t take long at all to get really good results!

How to Sharpen Steel Tip Darts with Round Dart Sharpener

Using a Round Dart Sharpener is the best way to sharpen steel tip darts at home. A Round Dart Sharpener will quickly and accurately sharpen darts so they can be used again and again. Steel tip darts can become dull after repeated use, and a round dart sharpener will keep them sharp and ready to use. Steel tip darts can also be sharpened with sandpaper, but round dart sharpeners are much faster.

Simply place the dart tip into the hole, and begin to rotate the dart in small circles. The movement should be smooth and continuous, like stirring a cup of coffee with a spoon.

You should continue following this rule until you notice the tip is well-rounded. Then, you should stop circling and dart the tip once more.

What’s next? Give it a couple of throws on your dartboard! If it still ricochets, repeat the process for a couple more minutes with your dart sharpener. 

A dart sharpener is a tool that makes it easier to remove any kind of burr that may appear in your dart before or after it’s fired.

This rounder is simple to use and the perfect tool to sharpen a round dart. To ensure the best performance, it is recommended that you get a rounder with a sharpening blade.

Round dart sharpeners are generally useful for two purposes:

It Will Removes Burrs-But what is a burr? A burr is a small defect left on a material surface. There are very few visible burrs to the naked eye since they are all microscopic. With a round dart sharpener, these burrs and small imperfections can be removed.

A round dart sharpener rounds the tip of the dart, which is exactly what we want. Sharpeners don’t precisely sharpen, as a rule, so calling it a sharpener isn’t quite accurate. They simply round and remove burrs.

How to Sharpen Steel Tip Darts with a Sandpaper 

It may sound weird, but you can sharpen a kitchen knife with nothing but sandpaper. Sandpaper is great for getting rid of scratches and nicks in anything you own. I use it all the time.

How to sharpen a dart steel tip? It’s pretty simple. Put the tip of your dart inside a small piece of sandpaper that you hold in your hand. Make sure the sandpaper completely covers the tip of the tool.

The easiest way to sharpen your darts is to keep your eyes fixed on the tip while rolling your dart in a clockwise counterclockwise alternating motion against the sandpaper grain. You can also use a regular dart sharpener, which will do a much better job than the method I’ve outlined here.

This is the final step before the stone is ready to use. Most people will need to use extra-fine sandpaper to give the edge a very smooth and polished look.

How does it make sense to avoid coarse grits? Simply because we want to minimize the amount of steel removed from our dart. 

How to Sharpen a Dart by with a Flat Stone?

You can also sharpen darts with a flat stone, flat sharpening stone, rectangular sharpening stone, or round sharpening stone.

The proper radius on the tip of the dart can be obtained by holding the dart perpendicular to the stone and rotating it slightly from side to side as you move it back and forth. When sharpening, make the cone get narrower and sharper around the tip of the dart.

Add more texture and depth to the end of the sides.

To create a more textured and realistic end to the sides of the dart, use a sharpening stone to create a cone-like shape around the tip of the dart. Sharpen the cone until it becomes narrower and sharper around the tip of the dart.

When I was in my early teens, I remember being amazed by the sharpness of a dart’s point. I thought it would be impossible for one to get a point so keen without some kind of grinding or honing. So I bought a flat stone and started experimenting. What I found out was that with enough patience, you could sharpen a dart’s point by rubbing it on a flat stone.

How to Sharpen a Dart Without a Sharpener?

We all know that when you shoot darts, the tip of your dart needs to be sharp. After all, it’s the pointy end of the dart that makes contact with the dartboard, and the more sharp the tip is, the better your dart will hit. Unfortunately, most darts are dull and need to be sharpened before they can be used.

So far we’ve gone through the most common ways darts players sharpen their darts. (I have an old grinding stone with a circle inside that I keep in a kitchen cabinet for sharpening knives and, well, darts.) But there are a lot of different tools that you can use to sharpen your darts.

I was given a few old darts at work. I thought I could sharpen them and use them in my game, but I couldn’t get the sharpness I wanted. So I decided to try something different. Instead of using a sharpener, there are many ways to sharpen darts. 

You could sharpen it on a concrete wall, on a curbstone, against red brick, on an emery cloth, a concrete wall, a whetstone, a nail file a rock, a curbstone, or a fishhook sharpener. You could sharpen it on the unglazed and rough portion of a ceramic mug or plate.

How sharp should your darts be?

A lot of the new dart players make this mistake when they sharpen their darts too much. It’s one of the mistakes that I used to do in the beginning so don’t worry if you’ve done it too.

Everyone makes mistakes, so how sharp should the tip of your dart be? Your darts tips should not be as sharp as a knife-edge. They should be slightly rounded and have a small radius. A slightly rounded darts tip is more durable and less likely to damage the wiring and sisal fibers of a dartboard.

You don’t want to use a very pointy dart tip. A sharp dart tip is just counterproductive. You want to make your darts last as long as possible, and the best way to do that is to use a simple process to sharpen your darts gradually, instead of sharpening them to the point of wearing them out.

When a dart is too sharp, it will more likely bounce out of the dartboard, so it’s important to be sure that the point is sharp enough, but not so sharp that it’ll overheat.

However, the worst part of this game is that a sharper dart will also damage the dartboard’s wiring. This means that a very sharp dart will not only wear out faster but also cause damage to the dartboard, too. The point of a dart will bounce out less when it is rounded.

If the dart hits the wires, it will be less likely to bounce away from the dart’s point. The darts point is also more durable, leading to a dart that lasts longer.

You should round off the top of your darts so that they don’t have a flat top. A good example is storm point darts, which probably have about 20 to 30 degrees of angle on their point.

The Best Sharpness.

Properly sharpening a dart is a good way to ensure that the dart stays true and doesn’t bury itself too deep into the dartboard. A round tip should help it stay straight and avoid burying itself in the dartboard.

If you gently touch the tip of the darts, it should feel pointy enough, but should not be able to puncture your skin.

Why do you need to sharpen your darts?

Darts points will eventually start to dull, depending on how often you play darts and what you hit with them. This can happen through regular use or after hitting concrete, hardwood, or other surfaces, like walls, floors, tiles, and more.

In the end, you have flat darts that will make a lot of resistance as they hit the dartboard and often bounce out or hold on to the dartboard ever so slightly before falling out of it. Darts with flat points can also damage the sisal fibers and the wiring.

You must take proper care of your darts. Not only will your game improve, but you’ll have more fun playing as well.


The most vital part of playing darts is learning how to sharpen your steel tip darts. For all the most effective players, this is among the most critical tips they know.

Not knowing how to sharpen darts is something that will cause you to lose points during practice and game situations, and will also cost you money in the long run as a blunt dart will quickly damage your darts, board, and require replacement tips and dartboards much more frequently.

The aim is to make a very sharp point. You don’t want a lot of flat tips or burrs on the dart. Instead, you want a very sharp point and the least amount of drag. You want your darts to move through the air like bullets.

Sharpening darts isn’t too difficult, but you have to be careful. Too sharpened or blunt darts are just as useless and dangerous. So make sure to sharpen your darts correctly using the techniques discussed above.