How to Use a Marker in Darts: Beginner Tips for Finishing 2022

The darts throw line is a very useful tool for beginners. It helps you to learn how to throw darts accurately. The line gives you visual feedback that you are hitting the target and that you are following through with your throw. The line can also help you to develop good darting skills.

There are many different types of darts, and each type has its unique characteristics. The markers are the darts that you throw when you’re trying to finish a game. These darts are thrown to mark the position of where you want to put your next dart.

Darts is an activity that is often done as a family, with friends, or at a club, and it is fun to watch. In this article, I’ll teach you how to use a marker in darts to improve your dart throwing and create a more consistent finish.

What Is a Marker in Darts

When people are watching a game of darts, they’re hearing something like: 

That’s a good throw.

That was a close miss. 

Well, what is a throw in darts?

A marker in darts is a dart that’s been called but hasn’t yet hit anything. It’s used to give you a better idea of how you’re doing. Dart markers are missed darts that land above a double outside of the scoring area and are used as guides for subsequent darts.  

In darts, a marker is a visual guide that helps you aim for and achieve the slight adjustment needed to get your dart into the bullseye.

To think of the best kind of marker, you need to look at the treble 20.

If you aim your darts at slightly lower locations, you’ll notice that you’ll get a much smaller hole in the dartboard.

The reason for this is that if you throw the dart at a fixed point on the dartboard, it should give you a better focus and help you aim better.

When throwing for a double, you should still be focusing on one point but as it’s a segmented release it’s hard to focus on one exact point. When throwing for a double, you should still be focusing on one point but as it’s a segmented release it’s hard to focus on one exact point. A dart is a fixed point that’s hitting the board. It’s about an inch wide.

It is a more specific area than a more general one when you set your sights on that.

A marker is simply a dart that has a defined and clear target segment on the dartboard, this is often double or treble, and is used as it helps to improve your concentration on the target segment.

When throwing at a treble, it’s helpful to use a marker to group your darts and enhance your scoring.

Darts practice rings are a good alternative to a darts board. They help you concentrate and are easy to set up.

The best marker you can use for your first dart to improve your grouping and scoring potential is when it lands favorably. This will help you set up your next dart and improve your ability to make a more favorable dart.

How to Use a Marker in Darts

If you are using a marker with a barrel tip, you’ll want to be able to control the angle of your dart as it comes out of the barrel. If you are throwing with the dart hitting the board at a 20-degree angle, your markers should be at a 45-degree angle. You can use the markers on top or bottom.

A dart with the tip pointed upward at around 20 degrees will have the tip above the target number and require a cover shot. If you throw a dart that blocks the target number, this will not be a marker and will instead require a cover shot.

In darts, if you’re using a marker, you should use the dart to land close to the wire of the target segment. If you throw the dart too far away, you won’t be able to use it as a marker.

To use a marker in darts, you need the dart to land close to the wire of your target segment (single or double).

If you don’t have a marker and if the dart lands far away, you won’t be able to use it to hit the dart board

Once you have a dart within about a half-inch of the target segment, you should then throw your next dart at the marker.

To hit the mark, you have to practice hitting it with a ball that’s not a tennis ball. There are many different types of balls with different properties.

If you hit the right marker, you will get a good shot. There is a good chance of hitting the intended double or triple.

Tips for Using a Marker in Darts

If you’re not used to using a marker in darts then the following are some tips you should keep in mind some may be a little obvious but they may still be helpful if you’re a complete beginner.

  1. If your dart is thrown with the tip angled down it needs to be placed higher than the target segment. If the dart lands below the segment, with the dart tip pointing down, this can’t be used as a marker.
  2. If your dart lands angled with the tip pointing upward, the marker will need to fall below the target segment. When the dart lands above the segment with the dart tip point up, then this is a blocked bed.
  3. It’s not smart to miss a number to set a marker. The target number is the number you need to reach to earn a marker. If you try to leave a marker, you’ll make a mistake. Most players will naturally throw a marker when aiming at a target. The problem is that they often miss the target completely.
  4. Only when your throw starts from the top ⅔ of the dartboard do you have any chance of laying down a double. To throw a double, it’s important to throw in the right area of the dartboard. With practice and a dartboard, you can throw doubles anywhere. As the bed is so large, it can be difficult to leave markers for numbers like 3, 19, and 17. These will often end up blocking the bed and requiring you to move your mat.
  5. You must always have something on the singles court or the doubles court to leave yourself, such as a shot blocker.  If your pitch has a slight degree with the flight up (20 degrees or so), numbers at the top ¼ of the board will be favorable.
    The safest way to find numbers is to make marks that are approximately in the middle of the board. You should leave 10, 16, and 6 as your markers.  If you throw with the tip pointing up and the direction of the flight (20 degrees) it’s better to have your marker in the middle (30 degrees).
  6. Use a marker to make your shot easier. A dartboard marker can help you aim your shot by making it slightly easier to hit the target.  When you miss the dart then you’re close enough that you can have a good grouping for scoring.  If you throw a straight and it hits a double or treble, the odds are excellent that it will lead you into the section you were aiming for.


Darts is a game where you throw a set of six darts at a board with a specific number of holes in each corner. You then try to score as many points as possible by getting the highest number of bull’s eye hits. The most common way to score is by hitting three doubles or a treble in the center. But if you miss the center, you can still get a maximum of 10 points for hitting a single on one of the corners.

The marker is effective because it is a very precise tool. It helps you to focus and aim at a very specific spot on the dartboard, which is often difficult to do for most beginner players (as well as some of the more experienced players). Missed darts can be excellent guides for follow-up darts that will land closer to the target if they don’t block the target segment you need to hit.