Soft Tip vs Steel Tip Darts (What’s the difference)

Are you new to darts? You should learn the different types of darts. For example, steel tip darts and soft tip darts. Learn more and enjoy the fun of darts!

The main difference between the soft tip and steel tip darts is that the steel tip darts are harder and have a sharper point. Steel tip darts are designed to be thrown with the intent to penetrate. They also are more accurate. Soft tip darts are designed to be thrown with the intent to kill. They are softer and lack a sharp point.

Steel tip darts have a pointed tip made of metal, whereas soft tip darts have a blunt tip made of plastic. Steel tips are designed to hit a target and remain lodged in the target; soft tips have a low-tack adhesive coating that makes them stick to surfaces but does not penetrate deeply into the surface.

Steel Tip Darts are more durable than soft tip darts. In this blog, we want to show you what’s the difference between the soft tip and steel tip darts. Soft tip darts are better for beginners as they are less dangerous and easy to throw. On the other hand, steel tip darts are very accurate but not suitable for beginners.

Soft Tip vs Steel Tip Darts. What Is The Difference?

What’s the difference between soft tip and steel tip darts? The main difference is weight. A steel-tipped dart is typically made from high-carbon steel. They are also heavier, making them more difficult to throw with less power than a soft tip. Soft tips are made from materials such as nylon, polycarbonate, and plastic. They weigh less than steel but are less durable.

It may appear to be an easy task for the novice, but to start as a dart player it’s important to know the difference between steel tip darts and soft tip darts.

Although darts can be played in a variety of ways, the result of a match is determined equally by skill, luck, and physics. One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the type of dart with which to play. What are the differences between soft tip darts and steel tip darts?

Steel tip darts have metal tips that are meant to be used when playing on bristle dartboards. The soft tip darts are meant to be used on soft tip dartboards. You can use both on bristle and soft tip dartboards.

Darts is also a game for beginners. They will be surprised by the number of choices for every detail of the game, from the kinds of darts to be used, to where the dart should be thrown, and how it should be thrown.

Steel Tip Darts, Soft Tip Darts, and both are great dart tips, but let’s take a closer look at the differences. 

Soft Tip Darts

Darts with soft tips are relatively new additions to the game of darts but have become very popular among many dart-playing communities. Some people prefer the convenience that soft tip darts provide to the traditional wooden shaft dart.

The soft tips used on darts are made of soft plastic, which makes them a good choice for use with children. They’re also safe because they won’t injure your eyes if you miss the target.

It doesn’t make any difference whether you play darts indoors or outdoors. Soft darts tips will work just as well in either situation.

If you play with friends who aren’t that good at throwing, then you should probably play with plastic-tipped darts. These darts have softer tips so they don’t cause the damage that happens when you throw a hard plastic tipped dart into the wood.

If you are having trouble getting the right consistency for your darts, soft plastic tips are the way to go. They don’t leave marks on your walls and they will provide you with a soft touch.

The soft tip darts are more expensive and fragile than other types of darts. You’ll have to replace them quite often if you use them regularly.

What makes it special?
  • Cheaper and safernBeginners will find it easier to learnnSuitable for home and casual playnIt’s perfect for fans of electronic dartsnReduce damage to structuresnYou can use it on less expensive boardsn
What cons did we find?
  • Wood or sisal boards are needednExpensivenA lower average of dartsnUnlikely to lastn

Steel Tip Darts

Steel tip darts were invented in the early days of the sport and have been used ever since. Today, darts are still popular as a form of entertainment and sports.

Darts players have been using steel tips for as long as they’ve been playing the game. Steel tipped darts are embedded deep within the minds of all darts players everywhere. For some, even considering using soft-tipped darts is blasphemous.

The answer is most definitely yes. There are many reasons to choose steel tip darts. Steel tip darts are heavier (usually between 20-30 grams) and allow for weightier, more precise throws.

Steel darts are strong, giving the tip more stability while keeping the cost of production lower than the harder plastic tips. Hard steel tips rarely break unless intentionally thrown at hard surfaces, and they will not bend as easily as softer plastic tips.

The best dart for durability is a TaylorMade Dart, one of the top-selling darts in its price range. It offers excellent durability and reliability, a winning combination.

It is always better to use traditional wooden darts as they will give you the best results. Steel tips are good for beginners and seasoned pros, but if you are a true stickler for tradition, you will want to use old-school hard steel tip darts.

Steel tip darts are heavier than softer tipped darts. Some are so heavy that you have to use two hands when you throw, which can be uncomfortable for beginners. The lighter weight and design of digital dartboards make them prone to bounce outs when thrown under light pressure.

What makes it special?
  • DurablenHeavynOn any dartboard, it sticks betternProfessionals’ preferred choicenAlso suitable for beginners and casual playersn
What cons did we find?
  • Wood or sisal boards are needednExpensivenThe average for darts is lowernA Wall protector is neededn

If You Use Both?

If you use both, switching between steel tip and soft tip can wreak havoc on your accuracy. The main reason for this is that you’re going to be using a much heavier steel tip dart than you would for a soft tip.

Most plastic boards are wider, making bristle boards slightly more challenging to play. There is a 2.75-inch distance between the throw line and the dartboard for soft tip darts. The holes in a plastic board require a more limited angle of penetration.

Thus, if you intend to play with both, be prepared to spend some time adjusting your throwing technique.

What About Convertible Darts?

If you want a better dart set, check out the Convertible Darts category. These dart sets are designed to give you a little more flexibility in choosing between a steel tip and a soft tip. They also have a standard steel tip and a standard tungsten soft tip.

Soft-tip golfers who are forced to play on sisal mats occasionally would want to consider the Tensor Soft Golf Mat. It offers excellent traction while absorbing shock and providing a comfortable feel for your knees.

You can use this as a training set or practice darts for your real darts, but it’s best to use this as a practice set. It has a soft tip dart base so you can shoot up to 18 grams. The majority of the players use a soft tip or steel tip dart set.

The Answer To A Pointed Question

The main difference between steel tip and soft tip darts regards the material of the dart tip. There are steel tip darts and soft tip darts. Steel tip darts can be used on bristle dartboards, whereas soft tip darts have a flexible plastic tip and can only be used on plastic dartboards.

Most people will choose between hard steel tip darts and soft plastic tip darts based on who they’re playing against and where they’ll be playing. They can ask themselves one pointed question. Where will they be playing, and who will they be playing against?

Darts isn’t just for the pub and a darts league. If you’re having a bit of fun with a few mates, or you’re playing for money in a darts league, then the info in this chapter will help you to choose the right darts for your specific situation.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the debate between steel tips vs soft tips are this: Both are fine. Go with the steel tips if it’s within your reach. If not, it’s not a problem.

Soft tip darts are far less expensive than the traditional wood-tipped darts and offer a greater consistency. They’re easier to find and are compatible with electronic dartboards.

Both types of darts are made the same and the only difference is the tip, which is a minor modification. Therefore, the type of dart you select should be based on your geographical location, local leagues available, and your preference.

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