What Are Dart Shafts? An Ultimate Guide 2022

Shafts are the part of a dart that goes into the barrel and holds the dart in place as it flies through the air. Dart shafts come in many different styles.

Dart shafts are the essential parts of a dartboard. They hold the darts and provide the necessary support for the dart flights. Dart shafts come in different materials, sizes, and shapes. It is important to choose the right dart shaft for your dartboard, game, and style of play.

Dart shafts are the long, thin tubes that go inside of your dartboard to hold the darts. They come in a variety of colors and are typically made of plastic or metal.

In this article, we provide you with an ultimate guide on what are dart shafts and their specifications.

What Are Dart Shafts? An Ultimate Guide

There are many different types of darts and even more shaft options. This guide will help you choose the right dart shafts and accessories for your throwing needs.

If you want to know more about darts, the word “darts” means more than just throwing those funny little arrows at a target. There are different sorts of darts, and they have different components.

Here, we’ll show you some of the most popular types of dart shafts out there. What you need to know first, though, is what those shafts are.

The shaft of the dart is the part of the dart between the barrel and the flight, the one that connects the barrel and the flight. It is screwed into the barrel of the dart and holds the flight firmly in place.

The right components can greatly impact your game in terms of accuracy and trajectory. If you want to excel at darts, you should invest in quality shafts that won’t break and give you the grip and consistency you need.

A list of shaft types and how they can impact your performance is below. The main shafts can be subdivided in two different ways: by their length and by their weight. Also find out the best dart shafts.


Darts are often classified into three major groups: long, medium, and short.

In darts, when choosing your shafts, it’s important to consider the length of the shafts, as they influence the center of gravity of the dart. The longer the shafts, the further away the center of gravity is from the front, which makes the dart harder to control.

Some people tend to hold the dart with the tip close to the body while others keep it further back. In general, the closer the tip is to the body, the harder it is to throw. People who hold the dart close to the body will achieve better results when using longer stems.

If you often pull the dart from the top, you’ll get better results using shorter shafts. Choosing the right shaft length according to your style is essential for your performance.

Try out different types of darts and find out what works best for you. That way, you’ll have a better understanding of what types of darts help you score more points.


Darts are categorized by the materials used in their shafts, which is a major factor in how they perform. Your shafts choice affects your throw because of its weight and features.

As you start to develop your technique, you will begin to understand which shafts work the best for you, and which ones are the most versatile for different types of games. There are five main types of materials you can use: 

Plastic & Nylon

These are quite affordable, and you can find many high-quality replacements.

If you’re just starting with this game, you can play with the cheap shafts. However, it’s best to go for more sturdy models that are made of quality plastic since they tend to break pretty easily.

Beginner to intermediate level players can choose from a wide variety of different dart shafts that are made of nylon, polycarbonate, and aluminum.

Nylon darts are ideal for beginners and intermediate players. They’re also a good option if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to other dart products.


The supergrip comes in two lengths, short and medium, and is a nylon shaft designed for the competitive player. By incorporating a supergrip ring, this design keeps the flight on the shaft in play.


The flight is opened and inserted into a long split up the side of the shaft this provides built-in flight protection and keeps the flight open and stable.  


They have a longer lifespan than steel. A variety of colors and styles are available for aluminum shafts, many with engraved stripes or specific detailing. Their reliability is excellent.

Aluminum is ideal for recreational users as well as professionals. Choose the length that suits your throwing style. Style, quality, and durability are all characteristics of the aluminium shaft.

Carbon Fiber

If you want a lightweight shaft that provides a good feel and is resistant to bending, then premium carbon fiber shafts are the best choice. They are similar to aluminum shafts in terms of performance, but they don’t get bent as easily as other materials like steel.


A polycarbonate or PC shaft has the same characteristics as a nylon shaft but is more durable and stronger.


The new high-end stems are also praised for their strength and durability. Composite shafts are usually preferred by pro players. In this case, the shafts’ bases are made of plastic, while their top parts, on which the flights are mounted, are made of a sturdy metal alloy.


When it comes to darts, the main thing to look for is the length of the shaft. Most players will play with shafts that are around 3-5 inches long. The longer the shaft, the more power it will give you, but they are harder to control and don’t glide as well.

Alternatively, some shafts provide a better grip and lock the flight tightly. Those shafts that are usually used by professional players are called grip or supergrip shafts. They feature visible rings that hold the flight tightly attached to the shaft.

The firm grip allows you to get a consistent and precise flight trajectory. Some shafts spin when you throw them. While these shafts don’t offer enhanced flight performance, they do minimize deflection and reduce the likelihood of thorn flights, making it easier to catch the flies. Also check out Best Spinning Dart Shafts.

The role of dart shafts in your game is critical. They’re the only part of the darts you hold in your hands so you need to make sure they help you do things you want to do. Since you can’t know for sure which type of dart shaft benefits you most, it’s important to try out a few models before you commit to one. Whether you’re looking for consumable items like shafts or a reliable set of darts, we have you covered.


The dart shaft is the main component of your darts. It holds the dart in place when it’s not being thrown and provides stability when it is. In addition, the dart shaft gives you the ability to throw the dart without damaging your hand or wrist.

For the best quality darts, buy a high-quality dart shaft from a reputable manufacturer. If you are looking for a new dart shaft, make sure it has the right amount of flex and bevel for your darts and throw style.

We hope you have found all the information you need to know about dart shafts here. Let us know if you have any further questions in the section below and visit us at dartsvilla.com