What Is A Dart Board Made Of: 6 Most Common Materials

Clearly, the material can have a significant impact on the quality of the board. That’s why knowing what type of materials a dartboard is made of is very important for dart players. You want to make sure that you’re buying a dartboard that can hold up to your level of play.

To make you a better person, we have taken upon ourselves the burden to give you a helping hand. Let us now walk through this dashboard material guide, see which one is the best, and get acquainted with dartboard as well!

What Is A Dart Board Made Of – The Detailed Answer

Why is it important to know what kind of dartboard you have? When it comes to the components required to play darts (the darts and board), the dartboard has undergone the most changes.

Darts started as spears or knives and quickly became barrel-shaped projectiles. They’ve remained the same since then. The only difference is their materials—the first darts were made of wood and the others are metal. And while dartboards have been made from many materials, the most common types are rubber, plastic, wood, and cork.

The best dartboards for the modern dart player are made of sisal fibers. As well as cork, paper, wood, and plastic, there are other materials available, each serving a different purpose. If you are looking for a good sisal dartboard, we recommend the Winamu Blade 5.

The first board was designed to make it easy for the kids to start shooting with their friends. They needed something small, durable, easy to shoot with, and fun, so we built a board that would stand up to all sorts of games.

It was not until well into the First World War that English pubs stopped using the solid elm dartboard. The board had to be soaked every single day, but since they were closed overnight, the holes punched into it during regular play were easily mended.

A dartboard made from horsehair can be a nice decoration in your home. Many myths suggest it is possible to use these darts, but they aren’t made from horsehair. These darts are made from plastic, so the only way to use them would be if you were able to modify them.

No alternative to wood has ever been made from animal bristles. However, the material that would eventually become the gold standard of the dartboard manufacturing process does in some ways resemble pig or horsehair.

Even though the modern-day’s dartboard-making process isn’t as scandalous as some people think it is, it is still rather harmless. Most of the dartboards being used around the world today are manufactured using sisal plant fibers.

Wooden Material

This type of dartboard is difficult to keep because of the maintenance. It offers a great value of darts on the board when thrown. It’s highly durable as there’s real wood construction involved. It offers a good value for darts.

Darts boards aren’t usually played on wooden boards. You’ll need to use a spray to protect them so they don’t chip. These boards are more expensive because they resemble elm boards, and they are sometimes antique because of their appearance.

Most of the best dartboard cabinets are made of wood. They’re so popular with fans of darts that you’ll hardly ever see a wooden dart in anyone’s ownership.

Sisal Fiber Material

Sisal dartboards offer great value to your shots. They are extremely durable and highly stiff, and they are ideal for practicing. Sisal fiber is a plant called the Agave Sisalana plant. It’s in use, and many manufacturers worldwide use it to produce quality dartboards.

The manufacturing machine is started. It removes the leaves from the top. Then it keeps the tough, flexible materials that are obtained. The fibers are processed further by the drying stage. These materials are taken through several important processes for their improvement.

These fibers are then given the form of long bundles and then tubes. As a result, they take on the circular shape of a dartboard. The sisal fibers make highly flexible dartboards, which is very promising. There’s another advantage that you get from this material.

The best professional-grade dartboards are usually made of sisal fiber. Dartboards from the company are often used in tournaments because of their high-quality performance.

Cork Dartboards

You probably won’t play serious matches on these dartboards. They have a low value of durability if we compare them to others. They are one of the low-cost dartboard materials you will find in the market.

Magnetic dartboards have been making their mark in the world of competitive dart play since the late 80s.

If you’re looking to practice darts, then this is a great choice. In addition, it can be a great choice for kids who are just starting their darts journey.

Bristle Material

Bristle boards are highly recommended for anyone who likes a new sport or wants to play a game of darts. They’re also very popular among serious players because they provide excellent accuracy and good performance.

For people who like playing darts, this dartboard is recommended. It is constructed from the best quality material that is very durable and can last longer than any other kind of dartboard.

When it comes to bristle dartboards, they are made using sisal and basswood. The construction of these bristle dartboards varies depending on where the product is coming from.

There are several factors to consider when buying dartboard material. In this article, we’ll explain which materials are most common, why they’re chosen, and how to choose the best one for your home.

The best dartboards for playability are made of polypropylene. They’re suitable for the highest-quality professional-level dart games. Some of the best electronic dartboards use this material.

They are so much more accurate than most dartboards.

Plastic Material

You’d never seen a dartboard material like this before. Dartboard material which is widely used has some great advantages. The electronic dartboard has now become a dartboard trend for new dart players.

Plastic dartboards have many exceptions. A few are made of thick plastic composites, while others are made of moderate-quality plastic. Due to this, plastic dartboards can vary in durability. Nevertheless, any of these dartboards can be the best outdoor dartboard to try this year.

You should be cautious when using plastic electronic dartboards. Darts players must use soft tips. This is due to one of the durability concerns of plastic dartboards’ construction. This means that players must be mindful of this.

You have to be very careful with darts. Different players will have to adapt to different types of dartboards and their different characteristics. In general, players that aren’t very experienced with throwing darts will find plastic dartboards much more difficult than the other types of dartboards.

Paper Material

You can buy a dartboard for practice at various local stores, and also online from many sites. They are used for practice. The market offers various dartboards for sale including cheap dartboards and even professional game dartboards.

Paper Dartboards are usually the least expensive dartboards to purchase. However, for practice and training, these should be purchased and used only for casual use. The paper dartboards come with this idea that they can throw darts as well, but they are not so confident that your throw will be taken in by the paper layers. So, they are looking for the best possible experience with the darts and have a lot of features that make the game more fun.

The dartboard is not the same as the paper sheet. It is made from a durable material that is strong to resist all impacts. Therefore, it is more reliable for use and promises long-lasting life.

Manufacturing Considerations

Manufacturing is a significant consideration when buying a dartboard. Some of the factors to consider include the density of the sisal fibers or paper coils in the board, and whether the board is made from a foam core that may cause a vibration while throwing.

The more the fibers are added to the fiberglass, the higher the strength of the board. This is because the fibers allow the glue to penetrate the fibers creating a stronger board.

The famous red, green, and black inks used to paint the boards can affect your performance if lower glare paints are not used. The thickness of the wires used to subdivide the board into sections can potentially deflect darts away from the board and impact your scoring potential.

If you’re looking for a new dartboard, the Blade 5 is the perfect one for your game. It comes with several features that make it a solid choice for those who like to play darts regularly. It should be rotated regularly to avoid permanent damage to the material of the board.

All dartboards are not equal, and you must learn to tell the difference.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a product, you want to avoid getting stuck on something that won’t last. So make sure you buy the best thing for your needs.

Purchasing a kit is a No-No

When it comes to buying a dartboard, you don’t want to get more than you need. The quality of the kit should matter a lot. The quality of darts and dartboards in a kit is never good, so don’t risk buying it.

Hence, it’s advisable to buy them separately – board first, and then choose the right darts later, as you will need to choose the right darts according to the board material.

Don’t buy too-cheap items

Do not buy cheap items. Manufacturing a dartboard requires skills and techniques that cannot be acquired over a short time, so their prices are either average or high and never rock-bottom. The depth and thickness of the board are essential factors in ensuring the dart hits and stays in place.

Cheap materials are quite attractive, but the joy of getting yourself a good deal will soon be submerged by frustration as the board starts breaking down later on.

Don’t go for a cheap product because you’ll be investing for years to come. Just go for the one that’s around 100-200USD and get an item you’ll be able to use for a long time.

Observe to know the quality

When it comes to quality, you can tell if a board is good or not by looking at its wires and spiders. Novices might worry about having unnecessary ones, but actually, they are.

If your board has a higher-quality finish, the wire will not get rounded up so much when hitting it, which is why it’s better to go for a higher-quality board than a lower one.


In conclusion, Cork is a priority for a friendly budget, Paper is both affordable and pretty durable, Sisal Fiber is for experts, and Plastic is for advanced technology.

Overall, the material of choice depends on your playing style. The sisal board is the best choice if you want to use steel tip darts. If you want to play with soft tip darts, a plastic board will be best.

You should check out my buyer’s guide for how to choose the best dartboard. It will help you pick the best dartboard for each type of dartboard material. If you have any queries further, feel free to contact us in the comment section below.

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