What Is A Good Weight For Steel Tip Dart to throw

When you’re choosing a weight for Steel Darts, you have to consider that the heavier the dart, the longer it will be able to penetrate. You need a heavier dart if you want to penetrate the material of the board more.

There is no minimum or maximum weight that you have to use for the steel dart. You can start with the weight range of 21 to 25 grams, or a weight of 24 to 27 grams if you’re a pro. 

The best weight for steel tip darts ranges from 23 to 26 grams. Steel tip darts’ weight used by most professionals is 24 grams.

The perfect dart weight. Darts are available in many different weights. Darts are not just about design, but also many other important features, such as the correct weight of the darts. 

The lighter the dart, the less it will penetrate. It is important to note that lighter darts do not necessarily mean easier to control and fly. Some people prefer lighter darts because they are more maneuverable, but there are drawbacks to lighter darts. The heavier the dart, the more potential energy it has. This means that you can get more power behind your throw. However, if you’re trying to penetrate a thicker material with a heavy dart, the dart will be less effective in penetrating.

Choose The Good Weight For Steel Tip Darts

The weight of Steel darts is generally higher than the electronic Dart. The darts are better stuck in the disc due to their heavy weight, as the tip can penetrate deeper into the sisal material of the steel dartboard due to the heavy dart.

The most commonly used steel dart weight range from 23 to 26 grams. We recommend a steel dart of 25 grams for beginners, or at least 23 grams.

Popular Steel Dart Arrows weighing 23 to 25 grams for beginners

This is a good weight for beginners. It is a good balance between speed and accuracy. It can be used by anyone, from any level, because they can throw a lot of darts easily.

You’ll learn which weight you should use with the Steel Dart after a few experiences. With 23 to 25 grams, it seems like they are the most successful weight for the Steel Dart.

Generally speaking, the more weight a Steeldart has, the more power it requires to throw. Steel dart with a heavyweight of 26 or 27 grams has the advantage that the tip penetrates deeper into the board and rebounds are minimized.

Which Parts Of The Dart Arrow Apply The Weight?

The three major parts of the dart are slightly responsible for weight. The Dart Barrel is responsible for the biggest portion of the weight of the dart. Between the barrel and the flight is the Dart Shaft.

When choosing the weight of the darts you need to consider the board material. For example, plastic darts may not have enough weight to stick to the board. Also, make sure that the tip will not get loose when the dart hits the target and it will come out easily.

If the dart doesn’t stick well or goes through the target, it might be due to the material of the dart or the construction of the barrel. The total weight of the dart is mainly determined by the size of the barrel and the materials of the dart.

After Purchase: Can The Weight Will Been Changed?

You can’t do much about the weight of the darts once you have made the purchase, but if you are unhappy with the weight of your darts, you can order a replacement barrel for them. Then you can continue using the remaining parts. The heavier dart will weigh more than the lighter dart.

The extra component allows you to add an extra gram to your dart by simply installing it between barrel and shaft.

Professional Arrows: What Weight Do The Professional Players Use?

What weight does the pro player use? Even the PDC Series Professional Darters do not know how much weight they should use. This is striking because Phil Taylor plays the heaviest weight in the league and thus must have the most money in his game.

The PDC only plays the Steel Darter in the tournaments. Here are the top darts players and the preferred darts weight.

PDC Darter: What weight do Phil Taylor and Co. use?

Target Legacy 26 gram Steel darts are used by Phil Taylor. 

Almost stubby in appearance, they are thick front-loaded darts. The barrel is cut with ringed grooves in the middle.

Eric Bestow uses 24 grams of steel tip darts.

Mervyn King uses 90% Tungsten 24 grams steel tip darts.

Gerwyn Norris also uses 24 grams of steel tip darts.

What is the ideal weight for your darts?

Weights that suit your darts are largely determined by your throwing technique and the darts’ airline.  For steel tip darts, we recommend a weight of 23 to 26 grams.

Let’s take a look at casting and throwing styles, it will make it easy for you to choose the best weight steel tip darts.

Straight and direct casting style

A very easy-to-master casting style that allows you to take your shots as fast as you can. Once you start taking shots in this style you will soon realize how much more powerful it makes your throws. In the case of 26 grams weight steel darts, you’ll also find that you wear and tear the darts more slowly.

Flights are more stable when the weight is heavier. The best-known player on the dartboard is world record champion Phil “The Power” Taylor. He throws darts that weigh 26 grams and are adapted to his playing style.

Ballistic and Indirect Throw Style

If you notice that your dart’s trajectory is more ballistic and indirect (arc lamp), models that are a bit lighter are suitable. Light darts with 16 or 18 grams of weight.

A steel dart weighing 23 grams. Along with the flights you choose, you’ll be able to create an attitude that will allow for an accurate meeting. The darts must have a low overall weight for an indirect throw, or else the effort will be too high and the game won’t be sustained.


We don’t think there’s an exact weight of dart that’s best for everyone, so we recommend testing out different weights of darts and recording your score for each. 

Most dart players use steel tip darts with tungsten shafts. The weight of these darts ranges from 18 to about 40 grams. However, most of the time players stick to a weight of between 23 to 26 grams when using the steel tip and 26 to 28 grams for the tungsten tip.

We hope this guide helps you choose the perfect dart weight. Please leave any other comments or questions in the box below.

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